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Sirius Black
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on the Many Faces of Sirius Black

Date of birth: 13.02.60.
Current age: 17.
Full name: Sirius Oliver Black.
Nicknames: Padfoot, to a select few. And Siri to those with a death wish.
Social status: Sirius Black. Self-explanatory.
Financial situation: The former scion of the Most Noble and Ancient (And Filthy Rich) House of Black. He's not quite destitute. Additionally, his Uncle Alphard has left most of his money to Sirius.

Sirius the Virtuoso

Hair: Straight and black. Excessively well-kempt. Falls anywhere between the nape of his neck and his shoulders.
Eyes: Deepset, grey, and forever twinkling with mischief. Thick, long black lashes frame them. They're rather an embarassment to Sirius, due to their feminine nature.
Face: Long and finely-boned. A straight, aristocratic nose is dusted with exactly seven freckles. His brows are dark and black, forever arched upwards. His mouth completes the list of his features, being full and slightly pouting.
Clothing: Usually bedecked in his school uniform, Sirius enjoys pushing the envelope. His ties are forever hanging loose, his shirt-tail is seldom tucked in, and his sleeves are always rolled up casually. When not attending classes, he can be found clad in black t-shirts, jeans, and worn chuck taylors.
Height: Towering over most at six foot two, he is frequently asked if there is an atmospheric difference at his eye level.
Build: First and foremost, it should be said that Mr. Black has a deep love affair with public nudity. And with a body such as his, who could blame him? Cultivated by grueling Quidditch practices (of which there are many, rest assured), Sirius has acquired a rather admirable muscle tone. But by no means is he stocky. He has maintained his lean form without appearing overly slender. His skin is moderately-hued, possessing a warm, golden colour in the warmer months. As for his endowments, it is widely-known that Sirius is blessed in this department. However, his cousin has the strange desire to spread slander, thereby besmirching his reputation.
Voice: Sirius's voice is largely recognizable, for the most part. Mostly found sweet-talking his way out of a precarious situation, his tones are smooth, somewhat low, and almost melodious. He is also known to be rather loud when inebriated.
First impression: Those who know Sirius by his reputation alone, consider the young man to be arrogant, self-confident, overly mischevious, and an utter nympho. To his close friends, however, Sirius has much more depth than merely this.
Jewelry: Rarely wearing one piece of jewelry for a long time, his habit is to don whatever he happens to find lying on the floor.
Defining marks/traits: His charming grin and barking laugh. (And let's not forget the hair.)
Movement: His stride is long and relaxed, almost a swagger. When he's in a hurry, however, he will sprint through the hallways of Hogwarts recklessly, knocking aside innocent bystanders.
Facial expressions: There is his trademark smirk, of course. His charming grins are also practically infamous. Finally, Sirius seldom carries a conversation without raising a sardonic brow once or twice.

Sirius the Stoned

Basic Fear: Harm befalling one of his close friends.
World View: Life sucks, and then you die.
Key Motivations: Wants to protect those close to him from the impending darkness of Voldemort and his followers, become an Auror, and enjoy a life of autonomy free from ties with his family.
Outward manner: Self-confident, cocky, intelligent, charming, outgoing, loud, sarcastic, humorous, occasionally cruel when he does not intend it, occasionally cruel when he does intend it, intuitive, thoughtless.
Thoughts On
Drugs: People are free to do as they please. He does not condone using drugs in excess leading to addiction, however. It would not be his death of choice, after all. Although he is not an addict by any means, Sirius himself does enjoy the occasional gillyweed around birthday times.
Alcohol: His views are mostly the same as above. Sirius is rather a fan of firewhisky and - the God of all things - pepper vodka. Although he is known for some of his various drunken exploits, he does not drink excessively.
Sex: He loves it. And does not hesitate to make this known.
Smoking: See Drugs and Alcohol.
Voldemort: There are no words to express his hatred.
House rivalries: He is responsible for fueling most of said rivalries.

Sirius and the Adam's Apple of Doom

Favourite books: Although most of the reading is left to Remus, Sirius does enjoy a truly good book as much as the next person. His favourites are generally those authored by Alexandre Dumas.
Favourite music: Muggle rock music appeals to him, mostly, The Beatles being one of his favourites.
Favourite movies: Moovees?
Favourite food: He could not possibly choose.
Favourite flower: Roses.
Favourite jewel: Garnet.
Favourite article of clothing: His black chuck taylors have been well-loved.
Sexual preference: It has been said on many occasions that Sirius Black is a notorious metrosexual.
Hobbies: Making mischief, flying about madly on his broomstick (open to interpretation), and generally having a good time.
Talents and skills: [ ALSO TO BE COMPLETED AT A LATER DATE ]
Handwriting: His own variety of cursive. Usually found to be oddly sensual. (Only Sirius Black could make cursive sensual.)
Mannerisms: Ace at The Straight Face (which is of utmost importance when one is a professional purveyor of mischief). Bites his lip when he is truly, truly nervous.

Sirius the Male Underwear Model

Place of birth: London, England.
Marital Status: See for yourself.
Past crushes: Girlfriends, he has had a million of. They never meant much to him, really.
Sexual history: Long and convoluted. Will save you the aggravation.
Pets: None.
Family History: Born to the Noble and Most Ancient House of Black, family life has been difficult for Sirius, to say the least. Of all the strained relationships in his family, Sirius probably quarrels with his dear mother the most. Sirius does not share any of the same opinions as his mother. He often deludes himself into thinking he is not related to her at all. He also displays enmity where his brother is concerned. Regulus and Sirius have grown very far apart, due to the former's annoyingly close relationship with Mrs. Black and the fact that Sirius has become "a disgrace to the family." They suffer from a severe clash of interests.

Sirius the Spaz

Current residence: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Scotland.
Currently upset over: His lost pair of argyle socks.
Currently happy because of: The prospect of pecan pie.
Currently reading: A Tale of Two Cities. Again. That Madame Defarge woman reminds him so much of his mother, it's uncanny.
Currently listening to: James snoring fit to wake the dead.
Currently thinking of: Mischief to be made.
Pets: None.

Sirius, Conversing-With-The-Floor-From-The-Looks-Of-It

Aspirations: Auror training and Order of the Pheonix, primarily. Sirius prefers not to think ahead. He doesn't like the thought of not spending the rest of his days as a Marauder.
Dream house: A grubby flat in some terrible, rundown London neighborhood.
Dream job: Auror. Cursebreaker, maybe
Dream death: Something valiant. (Unfortunately his wishes are not realised. Death by curtain, forsooth.)

Sirius the Undeniably Pretty

Family members: His family tree is long and complicated, sprinkled with incestuous ties of all sorts. Naming all the members would be a tedious undertaking indeed. His immediate family includes his father, mother, and brother.
Significant others: Angel.
Closest friends: James, Remus, Peter.
Enemies: Quite a bunch. Slytherins, for the most part.

Sirius the Stylishly Mussed

Himself: Wangthello. In its entirety. He believes it to be a true masterpiece.
Others: "It's very simple to be wise. Just think of something stupid to say and don't say it."
Songs: "Everybody's got something to hide, except for me and my monkey."
Books: "To be or not to be, that is the question." Its many variations bring great joy to him.

Sirius the Miffed